Out of the darkness and into the Sun


I thought it would take me years but time is an archaic variable. As a scientist I realize consistency is important. As one who seeks ultimate performance I use investing/entrepreneurship as my medium. Both are important because the understanding one field helps you master the other. This has been a long journey even with my 2014 winner TAN a solar technology etf. One of the great things about a purpose is it makes ever inch of time feel worth it. One must perform their best to attract the best performers and this is true about investments such as mutual funds/ETF. Last years great performing stocks that may give you good investment data for this year will be presented below :



  • Ticker: RRD
  • YTD stock performance: 135%
  • Fortune 500 rank: 264
  • Printing company R.R. Donnelley(RRDFortune 500) has produced important documents and financial filings for large corporations for almost 150 years.


  • Ticker: MU
  • YTD stock performance: 252%
  • Fortune 500 rank: 318

Boise-based Micron (MUFortune 500) is focused on designing and building memory and semiconductor technology. The company has seen a major surge in its stock, rising 61% since August.

  • Ticker: RAD
  • YTD stock performance: 323%
  • Fortune 500 rank: 113

The third largest drugstore chain in the U.S. has lagged behind its bigger competitors CVS (CVSFortune 500) (No. 13 in the Fortune 500) andWalgreen (WAGFortune 500) (No. 37), for years.

  • Ticker: FMCC and FNMA
  • YTD stock performance: 963% (Freddie) and 1333% (Fannie)
  • Fortune 500 rank: 31 (Freddie) and 12 (Fannie)

Poster children of the 2008 financial crisis, mortgage lenders Fannie Mae(FNMAFortune 500) and Freddie Mac (FMCCFortune 500) were anything but hot stocks after receiving a more than $187 billion government bailout during the economic collapse.

  • Ticker: BBY
  • YTD stock performance: 254%
  • Fortune 500 rank: 61

Best Buy (BBYFortune 500) had a rough 2012, with founder Richard Schulze offering to buy the electronics retailer and take it private. Shares sank further on the appointment of Hubert Joly as the new CEO in the summer of that year, but so far Joly and his turnaround strategy have impressed investors



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