This is a science fiction themed investment blog to help you wealth grow. Follow us as we research the best funds, investments and strategies to become successful. This is written by somebody who is on your level so my portfolio will look like the average person and my journey parallel to yours. I take a scientific approach to the world of finance for there is alot more than money one has to understand to master it.

By Dulin Nelson Ebanks


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish you luck in speculative investing where movement is no longer determined by fundamentals but by big money interests. If you have inside knowledge of where these big money investments in the future will be made then you will be very successful and have a profitable investment career. Best wishes. Uldis

    • This is more research into the investing world for everybody so we can take the speculative nature of things away understanding with top performers that there is consistency.Also I am posting in the future more entrepreneurship aspects of business,non-profits, and technological data as well. There are many avenues to wealth gathering. My goal is to display the most successful paths with the backdrop of technology.

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  3. An interesting combination of two of my favorite subjects…investing and scifi, I look forward to your posts!

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